Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Smooth Jazz (2): Goblin and Gecko

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More rock pillars awaited behind the ones surrounding the entrance. Smooth Jazz and his cockroach companion squeezed between the pillars until they found a narrow passageway leading further into the cave.

Smooth Jazz rounded a corner to find more monsters. A squat goblin yelped in surprise at the sight of him. It had small beady eyes, a flat nose, and pale brown skin that looked as though it were covered in years of dungeon dirt and grime.

Looking past the goblin, Smooth Jazz noticed movement further down the hallway. A giant gecko, roughly the same size as his cockroach. The gecko turned in surprise at the raspy cry of the goblin. Its head tilted to the side, looking at the goblin, then at Smooth Jazz. It started climbing a wall of the hallway towards the goblin.

How did those creatures not notice each other before I arrived? Smooth Jazz thought to himself. Do goblins domesticate wild creatures?

Smooth Jazz stepped further towards the corner, creating room for his cockroach to fight alongside him. The goblin stepped closer. Drooling lightly.

Smooth Jazz stabbed at the goblin as the cockroach lunged towards it, but it sidestepped both attacks and weakly punched Smooth Jazz in the gut. The brown scales covering Smooth Jazz's body allowed him to ignore the punch so he could swing his blade again.

His sword dug into the shoulder of the goblin. Crimson flowed over its sallow skin. Its eyes widened as it crumpled to the ground. Smooth Jazz yanked his sword from the mess on the floor.

One down, now his pet.
Looking up, he saw his cockroach had slipped by him to engage the giant gecko which was now clinging to the ceiling. The cockroach dropped to the floor, barely ducking under a gecko bite which revealed large pointy teeth.
I'd best kill that gecko myself lest it damage my cockroach.
Smooth Jazz grabbed his cockroach before it could attack, then swung himself around, switching places with the insect, narrowly avoiding another bite by the gecko.

Smooth Jazz stabbed at the gecko, his blade sinking into one of the gecko's fleshy paws. The gecko dropped from the ceiling, thumping to the floor. It awkwardly bounced over Smooth Jazz's tail as he spun around. Whilst midair, it bit onto his arm, its teeth scraping on his hard scales. Smooth Jazz slashed at its neck, but it released his arm early and dropped to the floor again. He swung once more at the gecko. It leaped to the side again, however Smooth Jazz was already spinning around again. The squishy gecko collided with his tail with a 'Thwack!'. It slammed into the opposite wall, sticking for a moment, then tumbled lifelessly to the ground.

I think I went a bit overboard there. Smooth Jazz thought to himself, prodding the remains of the gecko. It looked as though most of the bones in its body had broken either from the collision with his tail or the wall.

There's no hope reanimating that mess. At least I can raise that goblin to fight for me. He turned to examine the goblin, only to find his undead cockroach chewing vacantly over the goblin corpse. There was little of it remaining, certainly not enough to reanimate.
He cursed at the cockroach. It gave no sign that it understood his ranting and instead ripped free another chunk of goblin flesh. 
Smooth Jazz sighed and continued walking. His cockroach followed, still chewing on filthy goblin meat.

DCSS Version 0.14 trunk. Smooth Jazz began as a Draconian Death Knight.
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