Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Smooth Jazz (4): The Mite (Part 2)

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Smooth Jazz ran back into a short hallway.
They'll catch me if I keep running.
Fear gripped his chest.
I'm going to die here. I'm going to die to these pathetic creatures. I have to fight them, it's the only way I'll survive this.
He skidded to a halt.
If I have to fight them, then it'll have to be here.
The short hallway was also narrow. It was not wide enough to allow people, or creatures, through side-by-side.
At least I can fight them one at a time.

Smooth Jazz stabbed at the gecko. His blade pierced its fleshy head. The gecko drooped almost immediately. At the same time he felt the antitoxins in his body beginning to work on the poison, he started to feel a lot better. Confidence and adrenaline surged through Smooth Jazz him.
I can do this!
He withdrew his sword from the gecko and attacked the approaching mite.
Once again his sword bounced off the thick armor.
The mite bit his foot before he could dodge. An alarming amount of blood gushed out.
Its attacks are too fast!

Smooth Jazz drew in a deep breath and swung at the mite. His sword dug deep into the mite. It struggled helplessly against the cold steel, antennae slowly drooping as the its movements slowed. Smooth Jazz kicked the mite from his sword. It laid on the ground, twitching for a while, before finally dying.

Sitting on the cool stone floor, Smooth Jazz leaned against a wall and laughed.
That was too close.
Despite coming uncomfortably close to his own death, he felt fantastic.
I think I'll like it here. He mused to himself, tending to his wounded legs and foot.

Once he was feeling a bit better, he replaced his lost cockroach by reanimating the gecko and mite into undead servants.

DCSS Version 0.14 trunk. Smooth Jazz began as a Draconian Death Knight.
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