Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Smooth Jazz (5): Baseball Bat

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Smooth Jazz found three more scrolls in a nearby hallway. He pocketed all four plus the black potion, intending to appraise them once he had cleared the area. It may cause problems if one of the scrolls drew attention from the beasts lurking in the darkness, or if the potion made him ill.

At the end of the hallway Smooth Jazz felt something furry brush against his head. The furry thing fell from the ceiling and flapped messily around in front of him. It was a large grey bat. Smooth Jazz must have accidentally awoken the bat by bumping it with his head as it slept, clinging to the dark ceiling of the dungeon.

Annoyed, Smooth Jazz poked his sword towards the bat to clear his way. The bat narrowly dropped under the sword and crashed clumsily into Smooth Jazz's gut.
It didn't hurt, it barely winded him, but he felt violated nonetheless.

The bat confusedly flapped away from Smooth Jazz as he swung his sword, now intending to maim the annoying bat rather than shoo it away. The bat dodged his attack again, though Smooth Jazz began to wonder how intentional the bat's dodges were. Its flight path was so erratic it looked as though it might also crash into one of the crumbling rock walls. That would save him some trouble at least.

Smooth Jazz was vaguely aware of his undead minions waiting patiently behind him in the corridor.
I should make this a clean kill if I want to add the bat to my army.
He held up his sword again, swinging horizontally in a wide arc. He slammed the bat with the flat of his blade which reverberated with a satisfying 'ting!' The bat tumbled through the air, crashing into a wall, then crumpled to the floor.
Whoops, that was a bit too hard. Hopefully I can still salvage those remains.
Thankfully the bat corpse was not too difficult to reanimate. It fluttered around Smooth Jazz less energetically, but also less erratically than before.
This bat may be no more than meat fodder, but at least it is less annoying in death.

He turned to look at his army.
And that brings my army count up to three recruits.
Smooth Jazz grinned proudly at them. They returned his pride by drooling vacantly.

DCSS Version 0.14 trunk. Smooth Jazz began as a Draconian Death Knight.
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  1. Thanks for this, I'm enjoying Smooth Jazz's crawl, I'm new to the game and always play the recommended Berserker character it's fun seeing the game through another characters eyes. I watch some Let's Plays but find that a literary Let's Play is far more imaginative. I found you through Reddit and I'm going to post this over there too. Hope you keep going.

  2. I replied to your post on reddit :)
    I'll continue to write for a while. I'm finding it quite enjoyable.

  3. Haha, this is good. Also, "violated".