Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Smooth Jazz (6): Practicing Murder

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Smooth jazz rounded a corner and spied a furry ball nestled by a dungeon wall. It appeared to be a rat, though it was larger than any rat he had seen before.

The rat was aggressive, but it did not present much of a challenge to Smooth Jazz and his undead crew. His pathetic bat zombie even delivered the killing blow. Smooth Jazz let out a cheer which turned into a groan as the zombie started munching on the corpse. By the time Smooth Jazz kicked the bat zombie away, there was not enough rat left to reanimate.

Ugh! That's the second time. Zombies don't even need sustenance! He thought angrily.
He cursed at his undead bat as it flapped clumsily around him, occasionally making lazy dives towards the rat remains.
'Fine, you can have it!' he yelled in resignation.
He kicked the dead rat towards the bat which started to munch noisily on the corpse. The gecko and mite zombies joined in. They reminded Smooth Jazz of pigs feeding from a trough, splattering their meal in all directions.

A few minutes later, Smooth Jazz had killed two more rats (which were also greedily consumed by his pets) and found another potion. This potion contained a cyan liquid with sickly lumps floating on the surface.
I hope this is still alright. He thought to himself. Death was something to be avoided, but if he were to die, he'd much rather die in a heroic battle, rather than ingesting what appeared to be the contents of a sewer beneath a wizard's abode. I'll decide what to do with this later.

He bent to stash the lumpy potion away and heard a 'clink' on the wall behind him. A dart rolled on the floor into his vision. He looked up to see a kobold readying another dart to throw at him. The kobold had grey skin with the head of an ferocious dog. It was frothing lightly at the mouth.
Smooth Jazz had nowhere to retreat to, his zombies occupied the narrow passage behind him.
I could probably charge at it, those darts shouldn't be able to penetrate my scales.
Smooth Jazz sprinted towards the kobold, his undead army following loyally behind him.

The kobold panicked. It was probably a rare occasion for a group of zombies and a draconian to come charging at him. He threw a dart, it missed Smooth Jazz, embedding itself into the undead bat behind him.
The kobold regained its wits and threw another dart. This one hit the draconian charging at him, but bounced off his scales and also hit the bat. The charging draconian sliced through the wide-eyed kobold before it could draw its dagger. The small blade bounced noisily on the rocky dungeon floor before coming rest.

DCSS Version 0.14 trunk. Smooth Jazz began as a Draconian Death Knight.
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